Prepared drivers know how important it is to carry extra supplies during the winter. With just a bit of time, you can likely create a winter survival kit with things you already have at home. The team at Dick Dyer Mercedes-Benz would like to offer some guidance so that drivers can stay safer in Columbia and beyond. 

One common problem drivers have during winter is sliding off the road. Carrying a bag of sand or kitty litter may help you get the traction you need to get back on the road. A small shovel can help you dig out of a snowbank. Dead batteries are another issue that many people experience, which is why a good set of jumper cables is so important. 

You need to have the means to keep yourself warm while you wait for help. An extra layer of clothing, including gloves, a hat, and a thick jacket, should be in your kit. Have a flashlight in there as well, as well as an extra cell phone charger to make sure you can call for help. 


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